Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Expansion to Eye Of The Sun God

As an artist I have to keep in mind that I also have to be my own agent. I'd much rather forgo all the social networking and web design. Really I just want to draw all day. Things don't really work that way though.

I created a new website through Moonfruit that will serve as a hub for my iPad art. It connects to my Flickr photos and my new SVA portfolio.

My blog has also undergone some major changes too. I'm now accepting photo submissions for iPad portraits.For more information just hit the commissions tab. All payments will be processed through Google Checkout.

Finally the link to my Cafe Press store is up and running on the blog. Included are sample designs from the store as well. Look for new t-shirts and hoodies (since it will be getting colder.) soon.

Be on the lookout for a new whimsical comic strip called Little Robots. It'll debut on the blog this Sunday and every Sunday after. Please feel free to leave comments and explore the new Moonfruit site.