Thursday, September 15, 2011

Art For Hope Submission: Helping Hand

A while ago I discovered Viz Media and Autodesk were creating a book of works of art to benefit Japan. This seemed like a project I wanted to be involved in so I drew something up for it. I went with my Euphony character because not only is she a mascot for my iPad art but she also represents the average person. The point I wanted to get across in this piece is that anyone can help someone in need.

I approached this like I do all of my illustrations in Sketchbook Pro. I started with a blue pencil sketch to rough out the figure. Next I worked up a pencil render to flesh out the details. The inking part was next (simply taking the pencil tool and going over the render with a solid black on the top layer.) Finally I colored the figure and rendered her too. Originally I was going to integrate cherry blossoms into the piece but there was too much going on. At least I got another illustration out of the project. The Cherry Blossoms will be posted tomorrow.