Artist Bio

Hi, I'm Raheem Nelson. I hate doing long bios so I'll be brief. I'm a cartoonist from New Haven, CT. I've been drawing comics since second grade and I just never stopped. I had the pleasure of attending the Educational Center Of Art in New Haven. I commuted to New York City so I could attend The School Of Visual Arts. (They were one of the few art schools with a solid cartooning background.) It was there that I really honed my craft. I've had various art shows at The Arts Council and I co-founded the Cubicle Gallery space.

I enjoy using a pencil and bristol board to do my comics but I've been moving forward to create iPad comics eventually. I enjoy doing portraits, t-shirt designs, comics and other illustrations. I'm a huge Marvel fan but DC, and Vertigo are very interesting too.

Lately I've had the honor of being featured in all sorts of iPad Art Shows. My work has been seen in New Haven, California, New York, Yorkshire, and Vancouver. Currently I'm working on more illustrations, abstract art, comic strips and my labor of love Savior: Fangs Of The Reaper.