Friday, May 20, 2011

Lupe Fiasco "Lasers" Concept Series: Out Of My Head

I wanted to return to more grim imagery to represent this track. The song itself is upbeat and very catchy but it's just popcorn. A track like this is a terrible representation of Lupe's skills on the mic. This doesn't compare to songs like Go Go Gadget Flow or Sunshine. It's obvious this song was forced on Fiasco by Atlantic. I went over many concepts in my head but I ultimately went with a skull. I wanted to say that his creativity was literally wasting away with songs like this. In the song he's singing about a woman that's on his mind all day.

I included her too but made her a physical representation of Atlantic Records. She's propped up on his sunglasses and close enough to whisper into his ear. (Or what's left of it since he's a skeleton.) I had the devil on the shoulder in cartoons in mind. In her hand she holds a heart. I guess you could say this represents to me Lupe's love for the game. In my opinion Atlantic toyed with that to make a profit.