Monday, May 23, 2011

Featured Illustration: Claire's Flower

This past Friday I was with my friend Claire at Claire's Corner Copia in New Haven. I was showing her the ropes with her iPad 2. I was a little envious at first because I still have a first generation but I'm over it. She's new to the iPad so there was a lot of figurative hand holding involved. it's okay though because I'm trying to land a job in Apple Retail. This is just training for a potential opportunity. After we ate at Claire's I painted the centerpiece flower. She just bought Brushes for iPad so I wanted to demo it for her.

My paintings usually start loose and finish tight and rendered. I wanted to just stay loose for the duration. I like to plan everything when it comes to my sketching but this time I just relaxed and went with it. I've been reading into various techniques that different iPad artists use and I'm very curious. I do have a specific style that I like but I hate boxing myself in too. I want to keep learning about new techniques to challenge myself. If I don't do that then things always get stale for me. With all the work I'm producing lately I can't have that.