Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life & Def Album Cover

My dude HiDefinition asked me to create an album cover for his upcoming debut, Life & Def. It's been some time since I created an album cover but I just approached it a little differently. After listening to his mixtape I knew his rap style and subject matter. It was just a matter of channeling all of that into a cover. HD is from New Haven so I thought East Rock would be fitting. His trademark is a pair of thick rimmed Ray Ban (Wayfarer) looking glasses so I integrated that too. Originally I was just going to have the lenses transparent but then I got a better idea.

Each lens would be like a mirror into what HD is about. At least my interpretation. The left lens reads I heart Hip Hop. What I respect about HD is that it's clear he loves this art form. He's paving his own way with potent lyrics. The right lens has a vinyl record on a turntable. This symbolizes tradition. He pays respect to many of the greats in Hip Hop like Nas, and Eminem. That's very clear when you listen to the beats he uses and the flows he employs. HD to me sounds vintage (90's Hip Hop) but not dated. When I listen to him rap I get a modern sound with classic undertones. I highly recommend his mixtape and I look forward to the album. (The fact that this art will help put us both on is a plus too.)