Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mini Mom & The Hot Tamales

When Rose, my Mom, and I went to get pizza last month she saw the Kitchen Dolls series Rose has been working on. She loved it and joked that she wanted to be a character. Rose came up with the brilliant idea to collab with me and do just that. I would do the background and Rose would illustrate my Mom. I managed to find some photo reference of a plate of tamales and salsa. It got knocked out on my break. Rose finished the kitchen doll of my Mom just after her birthday. We both got sick so it couldn't be helped. (I'm actually still sick as I type this on my iPad.)

My Mom was very pleased with the illustration. It was funny when she asked if I painting the tamales on iPad. I believe her exact words were "It looks so professional!" That's great to here considering it took her a minute to warm up to me making art on my iPad. I guess she thought it wouldn't be the same initially. Rose and I had been talking about working together on a project for a while. I'm sure this won't be the last time since the results are like this.

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