Monday, October 18, 2010

Recent Reading: Final Fantasy and Philosophy

I wanted to get Final Fantasy and Philosophy for a while. I first saw it at Barnes and Noble and I knew I had to read it. After finishing Watchmen and Philosophy I expected a lot from this. Thankfully it didn't disappoint. I haven't played all of the Final Fantasies. (Only VII, VIII, X, XII and XIII) I was curious how these games would be analyzed and dissected. The games for the most part all get covered in some way shape or form.

Of course the parts that resonated with me the most were the commentary on VII, X, and XII. The character analysis of Cloud, Ashe and Tidus were very good for example. (It would've been nice if they delved into Auron's character but what can you do.) As a fan of the series seeing it from different angles was very rewarding. I hear Batman and Philosophy is good too. Maybe I'll tackle that next?

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