Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Digital art: The iPad as my canvas

Over the past five months since I got my iPad 3G it has become a lot of things for me.(notebook, newspaper, notepad, fitness coach, etc.) The most important role my iPad has taken on has been the role of Digital sketchbook. It took my time to take that leap of faith and go all digital but I'm definitely there. A few nights ago I even proclaimed to my girlfriend that I didn't have any more use for my India Ink. How crazy is that?

As a cartoonist I never imagined giving up Bristol Board, pencils and colored pencils in High School and college. A Bamboo or Wacom Tablet never interested me. Now I'm at the point where illustrating on the iPad is second nature to me. I can draw however I want, whenever I want. Not having to carry around various supplies is incredible. I can literally paint almost anywhere. Hopefully I won't start taking it for granted. Probably not though.

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