Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pogo Sketch Sylus vs. Milano Mi-Sylus

The first stylus I invested in for iPad was the Pogo Sketch Stylus. I've completed nearly all of my Sketchbook pieces with it. It's easy to use and very responsive. It just glides across the screen of my iPad. The foam tip is definitely broken in at this point. Between Sketchbook and Penultimate it got a lot of use. Over time I started looking at more styli. I wanted to find one that was even better than the Pogo. The Pogo is excellent for drawing but isn't as responsive for writing.

Next I decided to get the rubber tipped Mi-Stylus. It claimed to be as responsive to touch screens as the human finger. I wouldn't go that far but it is sturdier than the Pogo. It became easier to write too once I got used to the unconventional point and rubber texture. I have to readjust to using when I pick up again but it's very helpful. As for drawing it can be mixed bag. The rubber tip gives resistance at times unlike the Pogo. It might be better for blocking in solid colors though. I'll continue to use both until I find one that do both jobs.

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