Wednesday, September 22, 2010

iPad in the classroom: Google Earth Edition

I'm quickly learning all of the ways my iPad can be used at work. Yesterday the teacher I work with suggested I use Google Earth for Social Studies. We're reading a book on regions in America. What better than using a virtual map to get them excited. They saw locations like Maine, Vermont and Atlantic City. Now they'll have a visual to go along with the reading. I can already see their little minds working.

Of course I have to refocus them from time to time. They want to know things like the cost of the iPad, and the 3G service. I can't blame them though. If my teacher started using an iPad to teach a lesson I would be curious too. It was just a lot of fun. Not to mention I get a chance to justify having unlimited Internet. I wouldn't have been so willing with a 250MB plan. Recently I had some trouble getting them to focus on the reading. The iPad will make it easier to do that.

Google Earth can even be used as a rewards system. I made them aware that you can look up anything. If they know they could get a treat for good behavior the center should go smoother.

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