Friday, September 17, 2010

Creative Expression and Trademarks

As an artist sometimes I have to tread carefully. I'm free to draw whatever I want. Does that mean I would draw something offensive and then post to this blog? Of course not. There are limits for creative expression. My aim is to attract people to my art for various reasons. Sometimes that involves creating works that use trademarked characters, symbols or logos.

My intention is not to sell this work. Copyright infringement is a serious issue. If I were to go around selling work based on other people's designs what kind of artist would I be? My point is that it's my right as an artist to post my work. That said if the owners of any copyrights requests me to remove the art I'll do that. Who really wants a lawsuit anyway?

Other than that pieces like Bayonetta, and the Skippy painting will be featured on my blog from time to time.I am aware of what I can and cannot do as a cartoonist. It's an important part of the work that I do.

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