Monday, July 19, 2010

What do I use my Apple iPad for?

The purchase of my iPad 3G was definitely a costly one. I got the 32 gig and I was paying for AT&T's wireless service. This product was met with a lot of hate initially yet somehow Apple sold three million copies. Anyway I believe the iPad is a useful tablet computer. It's right between a smartphone and a laptop. You can surf the web, watch movies, read books and email and even create content. (Contrary to popular review.) I'm not posting a review though. This is about what I use my iPad for.

First and foremost I'm a cartoonist. I spend a large amount of time working in Sketchbook Pro. It's my favorite app and I don't see it being dethroned anytime soon. I would say 90% of my artwork comes from there. I was timid with the program at first until my stylus came. I went to town after that. That program alone would've warranted the purchase. I read more now than ever since I got the iPad. I'm always on Safari, Yahoo Entertainment, App Advice, The New York Times and SkyGrid. Those are some of my favorite apps for getting the news.

Marvel, DC and Archie all have comics apps so I love sitting in my chair and reading digital comics. If I want to take a note or write a journal entry I'll go into Penultimate. It's a handwriting app complete with wrist guard. I use it so much I'm starting to forget what a pencil and paper looks like. I get so many strange looks when I write with the iPad. One of my friend's thought it was a high tech Etch A Sketch. The only magazine I consistently read on it is GQ. I love the way it's presented on iPad. It just flows.

As for videos I'm usually on Netflix. I love having it on the go. It usually doesn't work all that well over 3G but if I'm at my girlfriend's place I'll use it over Wi-Fi. I've been into collecting Hip Hop music videos lately. It's been cool just going to the app to watch them instead of Youtube all the time. Some things I just want to own. Fitting the iPad into my life was especially easy because I've never had a laptop. To be honest though I don't think it would've mattered. My Uncle Bill sold his laptop after he had a chance to use my iPad.

As much as I love it I think it's the kind of product that you have to use for yourself before you buy. I personally think this is better than a laptop. Mostly because of portability and price. I think it's uses in the classroom, boardroom and art studio make it more than a "big iPhone." Although that doesn't mean I don't make calls on it. Ha! Ha!