Monday, July 19, 2010

Drawing with Kids

My day job is as a paraprofessional. I have a few years experience of working with children of all ages. One of the things I enjoy most about teaching is integrating my artwork. Three years ago I started doing work with Easter Seals/Goodwill's Youth As Leader's program. I did various cartooning classes with middle schoolers in the after school program. It opened a lot of doors.

I won a grant through New Haven's Office of Cultural Affairs. With those funds the children gained access to Adobe Photoshop to complete their storybooks. During the year I work at Augusta Lewis Troup School. Just before the year ended I decided to draw for them. They were a great class so I figured I'd reward them. There's nothing quite like having a classroom of kids jumping for joy over your art. I used my iPad to do the drawings quickly and keep things organized. Well that I wanted the practice. If you want to see how they came out they can be found on Facebook.