Saturday, November 30, 2013

Skull Series

I think Andy Warhol has subconsciously influenced a portion of my work in the past few years. Now that I'm aware of that influence I wanted to put together a new series of Pop Art. Damien Hirst was also an influence (which is where the skull came in.)

Skull: Illustrating the first skull reminded me of anatomy class at SVA. The colors were inspired by Technodrome 1 and Francoise Neilly. I thought of blending all of the different colors that made up the skull but it didn't look right. The shapes looked better as solid shapes.

Death of the Brand: This painting was the main idea behind the series. After the initial skull was painting I took various brands and traced them onto the skull. Generally I would freehand them but since they were microscopic tracing made the piece more time effective. Basically it's about the longevity and demise of brands and multimillion dollar companies, excessive consumption and consumerism.

Colored Skulls: Here's where the Warhol influence really came into play. Next I copied my layers in Sketchbook and took them over into Procreate to create different variants of the skull. Finally the last six skulls were composed onto a one sheet. The plan is to put these designs (minus the one with logos onto shirts.) My students ask me all the time about designing shirts. To see more work, visit my website.