Thursday, November 28, 2013

Featured Illustration: Ellen Page

Ellen Page is one of my favorite actresses, period. She was great in Juno, and most recently Beyond Two Souls. Her quirkiness and sense of humor shine through in her performances. Generally if I create a celebrity portrait it's of someone I admire a lot. If I'm not a fan of their work I'm not going to spend ten hours depicting their likeness. This painting was also a return to Sketchbook Pro for me. I loved my iPad 3 but it could not handle the program very well. Not that I have an iPad Air this is a non issue. For this painting I was really inspired by three of my mentors and friends: Susan Murtaugh, David Kassan, and Kyle Lambert.

Their works have been extremely influential in my portrait work. For the sketch I tried some new techniques I learned recently. I blocked everything out with the program's 3B pencil with a rough sketch. This helped me establish basic lights and shadows. Next I created a new sketch to refine the portrait. After a few hours I got the proportions right. Next I blocked out all of the colors before copying all of my layers and transferring them into Procreate to blend. With this iPad painting I wanted to push myself in terms of realism. I wanted to render everything from the little pockets of light under her eyes to the pores in her skin. Figuring out how to render her freckles was very challenging too. I'm very pleased with the results and I'm crossing my fingers that Ellen Page herself happens to see it. Reference photo from elliepages.com.