Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Featured Illustration: Old Spice

Another piece of Pop Art created for my new body of work. I wanted to go for the feeling of a "mock" advertisement. With these illustrations the products I'm painting are the characters so I treat them as such. The bottle and box were very faithful to the reference photo. I got a great opportunity to test Sketchbook Pro's new blender on the Old Spice bottle. It gave the different shades of color a painterly feel similar to ArtRage's palette knife. All of the font work was done by hand using Cartoonist techniques I learned while going to SVA and drawing my own comics for twenty years. The background was tricky because I didn't know which direction to go in but then it hit me at like midnight. I laid down some aqua greens and other marine colors and blended them. Next I used a halftone brush in the program to create what looked like a shower. Finally bubbles were added on a different layer. Now I had a little narrative going on. You take a shower, shave and then put on Old Spice after shave. I'm sure all of this must be coming from all of the Mad Men I've been watching. More to come.