Sunday, October 14, 2012

Featured Illustration: Artist vs. Agent

Like I mentioned in my previous Art Musings post it is time to update my brand, Eye of The Sun God. first came the logo and now a new self portrait for social media sites and my personal business cards. I'm enamored with my "Comic Book State of Mind" portrait but I need something more effective. Nearly everyone mistakes the Pogo Sketch Stylus in mouth as a cigarette. It was a little irritating to say the least. For one I never smoked and I don,t want to be associated with that. So I decided to keep the theme of having sunglasses with a message on them but update it for where I am as an artist now. That's where the theme of Artist versus Agent came from. As a freelance Artist and Entrepreneur I have to do the work and then promote it.

My time is divided between those two tasks and it isn't always easy to balance those. My iPad and iPhone apps help me accomplish those things. I decided to illustrate the apps I use to help me with my career. (And make some new ones based on The Grove and my brand for good measure.) I am primarily a mobile artist so my brand needs to reflect that. The portrait was created in Procreate and the apps were copied and pasted from Sketchbook Pro and shrunk down. The concept for the business card is the iOS lock screen with some modifications. Instead of "slide to unlock" I have "slide to create." This way it's clear what I'm referencing but I'm making it my own too.