Monday, September 24, 2012

Back to ArtRage: The Dark Knight

This was a long one. I had been meaning to paint Christian Bale's version of Batman since The Dark Knight came out. With The Dark Knight Rises out and the trilogy complete it seemed like a great time to paint some of these iconic characters. Batman was painted in the same style I used for Captain America on my old iPad. There's something about keeping things painterly that I enjoy. Blending with the palette knife is fine but I like to change things up. I lost track of how long this painting took but if I had to guess I would say 20 hours tops over six sittings. The bats were painted, blurred and erased with the palette knife and eraser tool. The body armor was the most difficult part of the painting because of the plates and the cross hatching. I had to pull out all of the stops on this one.