Monday, July 16, 2012

The Making of Through The Elm To The Big Apple Part 1: The Concept

Today I'm introducing the first of a four part blog series called The Making of Through The Elm to The Big Apple. This is my second iPad Art Book and has been in the making for two years. The concept is a visual journey. I had to commute to New York City from New Haven, CT to continue my art education at School of Visual Arts. From 2004 to 2007 I was frequently moving between cities to go to class.

I became really familiar with Metro North and Grand Central Terminal over those four years. Through The Elm to The Big Apple is part autobiography and part art book. I want to share what I love about New York and New Haven. What started as a speed painting turned into a full fledged project. Come back Wednesday for part two: The Apps. Through The Elm to The Big Apple will be available on Lulu August 1st and on iBooks on a later date. Please feel free to leave feedback in the comments section.