Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Learning the Art of Networking

One thing I take for granted at times is just how having my iPad keeps me connected. Through Flickr I have become a part of a community of iOS Artists.

It's a great feeling that I haven't had since college. Just being able to finish a painting and then immediately upload it to my blog is amazing to me. My parents and friends said to me growing up that I don't show my work enough.

For a long time I just didn't know how to get involved. Eventually I met Jose Montiero at The Arts Council and that led to a few successful shows. After that I just kept my work to myself.

I really didn't have another in. I think I'm developing a fearlessness with exposing people to my art work. Any contests, exhibitions and gallery opportunities are fair game.

I know what I want know. If I really want to make a living as an artist I need to explore all my options. This year has been about becoming more skilled in my trade and networking like crazy.

I had my own show this year. (Apple iPie) I managed to get into Autodesk's Digital Canvas, A Brush With Breakfast, and an unnamed abstract art show in Manhattan.

Over the weekend I was contacted by a DC artist named Mia about a show called M3: MC's, Mics and Metaphors. She referred me directly to Tewodross. (the show's curator.)I don't even know what to do with that. I'm in shock and awe that my art is being recognized.