Friday, June 10, 2011

Skyzoo at The Public Assembly

I'm a huge Skyzoo fan so when I found out he was having a mixtape release party for The Great Debater I went out to BK to catch it. I don't spend to much time there really. When I go to New York I just spend my time in Manhattan. It was a great change of pace. Usually at shows the openers are weak and you find yourself anxiously waiting for the main event. Thankfully that wasn't the case here. I got exposed to three artists I had never heard of before. Namely Naturel, Kid Daytona and Jasmine Solano. All I can say is that they came with it. Definitely a night of true lyricism. Skyzoo came out last and his set was ill. He included the new material from The Great Debater, Live From The Tape Deck and The Salvation. Thankfully he knows how to control a crowd.

It just goes to show you why there are rappers and MCs. There is actually a big difference. The front room was a small venue so I figured I had a chance to meet Sky. I talked him after the show and he remembered the iPad painting I did of him. (Return Of The Real.) Plus I showed him the painting based on his Burn Notice track. I even managed to get my picture taken with him and the iPad of course. He's mad cool, dedicated and seems humble too. Being acknowledged by someone you admire is amazing. I'm glad I put myself out there. Definitely one of the best nights I've had in the city.