Monday, May 9, 2011

Wedding Painting: Becky and Eugene

I attended a wedding party to celebrate my friend's Becky and Eugene in Brooklyn, NY. I met them through my girlfriend, Rose a while ago. I haven't known the couple that long but I can say that they're good friends of mine. Some people are just so outgoing and friendly you don't have to know them that long. Becky and Eugene are like that to me. At the party I decided to paint the centerpiece on the table to wish them well. I tried to be low key about it but an iPad painting is never low key.

Someone always takes notice. I didn't want to be too long because I did want to be social. I can't ignore inspiration when it hits me though. I did it in Brushes so I could have playback to show them too. It should be fun putting something together in iMovie. Anyway thanks guys. I had an amazing night and I'm ecstatic that you're together.