Monday, November 15, 2010

Featured Illustration: Sade

I am becoming a big fan of Sade's music. My Mom of all people put me on her Soldier Of Love album.(her latest album.) I fell for it from the jump. It's just one album I listen to however I'm feeling. That's saying a lot because I am very moody when it comes to my music. Anyway this painting was a challenge for me on many different levels. The proportions were a nightmare. I spent hours making sure things look just right.

In my earlier paintings I made the mistake of not triple checking and had to fix various proportions mid painting. My logic is that if the checks are done during the sketch I will have less difficulty later. I basically took the rendering techniques I learned from illustrating my girlfriend, Rose and combined them with the texturing techniques I learned from painting her cat, Reina. I blocked out all of the various colors on her face and blended them later. Now I just need to take a minute and take in everything I just did. Still can't believe it's done.

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