Thursday, November 11, 2010

Comic Review: Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #4 of 4

Ah the final issue of Steve Rogers: Super Soldier finally came out. I have enjoyed almost everything about this mini so far. I hate to say it but this last installment was a little disappointing. The finale just seemed to by the numbers for me. The way Steve gets an assist from his Secret Avengers teammate, Beast was a nice nod. I thought that was cool how it was tied in. Even the way he defeats Machinesmith was pretty interesting.

Overall I did enjoy reading it and seeing the story close. I just think the way the previous issue played out overshadowed this one. There is a surprise ending that was very intriguing fortunately. Things kinda get turned on it's ear. The payoff is nice. I'll give Brubaker credit where it's due. I just hope that this storyline will be continued in Secret Avengers at some point. That's the book that Steve Rogers is regularly in. He does have Nick Fury's old job after all.

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