Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Apps I use daily: ArtRage for iPad

I've been using Sketchbook Pro to produce all of my art but I felt like getting another art application to experiment with. I almost went with Brushes. That is until I found out about ArtRage for iPad. I checked out some of the Flickr work for that particular app and I was impressed. It allows you to create art that feels like a natural painting. The digital paint even behaves how you'd expect. Wet paint can be spread and blended with a palette knife. You can even use paint rollers, pencils, pens oil, and watercolor paint.

This app captures everything I love about painting without the hassle. It's also possible to select different canvases to paint on. I absolutely love the attention to detail. Unfortunately the app does have it's faults. For one it's not quite as fluid as Sketchbook. The program will lag on frequently and won't always register with my finger or stylus. This can be frustrated when I'm really into what I'm doing. That said it is a spectacular app. I can't wait to learn it inside and out like I did with Sketchbook.

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Uwe said...

ArtRage for iPad will be updated in early November improving a number of features and adding some new ones. To get the realistic paint blending effect five times more data has to be tracked in real time compared to flat paint. Oil painting mostly has a slower workflow than pencil sketching. Be patient. Thanks for posting,@ArtRage_Radar