Sunday, October 3, 2010

Featured Illustration: Young Jeezy

I had this project planned for a while now. Young Jeezy's Recession album art is just powerful. I love the imagery. I wouldn't characterize him as a conscious rapper or anything. Quite the opposite. He's definitely a gangsta rapper from the ATL. For the most part he just raps about cars, clothes and blow. Lots and lots of blow. What I can respect about him is his consistency. No one can accuse him of not being himself.

I'm not reviewing the album or anything. That's just some background on the piece. I remember the album came out right before the Recession officially hit. The album cover actually makes me think of a black Captain America or something. The message I get from him is that people are struggling in an impossible situation. What's the common person supposed to do. That's why I choose to illustrate this album art.

Each new piece I've tackled has been an experiment. Just what can I do with Sketchbook Pro. That's what I've been asking myself. The Recession cover has a rough, gritty and grimy feel. I wanted that to translate through my art. I used a brush that would help me do that. The program simulated the rough brush strokes I was looking for. Absolute realism wasn't something I was going for.

This piece was about trying different techniques. You can see the strokes because I wanted them to show. I felt it was appropriate for this one. Now does that mean I'm going to do this for Sade? (which is my next big project.) Nope, because it won't fit. Every time I start something new I think what is the appropriate style and where do I go from here?

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