Friday, September 10, 2010

Featured Illustration: Reina

This is an illustration of my girlfriend, Rose's cat. Specifically this is the companion piece to her portrait. They're basically belated birthday presents. Reina was very challenging for me as an artist. Rendering the fur and the whiskers was an arduous task. Thankfully I eventually figured it out. I'm getting good at making the program do what I want. I saved my pencil layer this time to make things easier. It was a mistake I made for Rose's portrait. I wasn't going to do double work this time.

I'm happy with the result. This was my very first illustration of a feline. I think approaching the cat as another subject to recreate on my iPad was a good way to go. With that mindset it was a little easier. Now if I can just remember how to render fur for future paintings. I guess that's what Penultimate is for.

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