Thursday, September 2, 2010

Comic Review: Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #2 of 4

I just got the second issue of the Marvel miniseries, Steve Rogers: Super Soldier.
It's written by Ed Brubaker and drawn by Dale Eaglesham. After a solid first issue I was eagerly anticipating issue two. Thankfully it doesn't disappoint. At the end of issue one Doctor Jacob Erskine is shot and Steve needs to find out why. The opener picks up right after this. The bulk of this issue has Steve squeezing the underworld to find out the identity of the shooter.

He figures out since no one knows anything it's an inside job from the Nextin Security Company. Steve goes to find them and protect Erskine's wife too. As the doctor was on his deathbed he made Steve promise he'd do this. Unfortunately that's another mystery. This woman appears to be his first love, Cynthia Glass. He met her when he tried to enlist in Project Rebirth. She was a Nazi spy that died saving Captain America I. WW II.

Steve doesn't understand how she's still alive. He confronts her on the beach and the truth is soon revealed by the story's antagonist. I won't spoil any of the details but the ending is very satisfying. Again I love the combination of good storytelling, witty dialogue and gorgeous pencils. I'm starting to wish this was an ongoing series. Steve Rogers: Super Soldier is a blend of intrigue and super hero action. Can't wait for the next one.

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