Monday, September 27, 2010

Comic Review: Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #3 of 4

The Super Soldier miniseries has been a very intriguing character study of the former Captain America. Machinesmith has him captive and managed to deactivate his super soldier serum. His plan was to lure Steve to experiment on him. The issue opener sets the tone for the issue. It's the Great Depression and skinny Steve Rogers is taking another beating.

Ed Brubaker writes an excellent Steve Rogers. He really gets into the character's head. Thankfully Dale Eaglesham's work continues to improve from issue to issue. His rendering of Steve without the serum was excellent. It really seems like he's at Machinesmith's mercy. This issue shows that you shouldn't underestimate Steve Rogers no matter what. He's still a highly trained and very dangerous soldier. That doesn't just vanish.

I enjoyed reading this installment. Every thing is coming to a conclusion next month. Like I said before. I would definitely read this as an ongoing. I like Bucky as Captain America but I look forward to when he takes back his mantle.

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