Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Apps I use daily: Marvel Comics for iPad

Wow. Looking back I can't believe I'm just getting to this app now. Being a Marvel guy I'm a little embarrassed. Anyway the Marvel Comics app is one of my favorite apps for iPad. It's updated frequently and is very slick. The app is powered by Comixology. They're responsible for it's organic reading flow. That means you read the digital comics two way. You can read from page to page or you can do single page guided view. You swipe from page to page or panel to panel. The guided view is probably my favorite.

The comic takes on a cinematic feel. You actually feel closer to the action. Don't believe me? Try looking at Invincible Iron Man#1. it looks amazing. What's a comic app without comics though. Thankfully Marvel's library is being constantly updated. There's something for everyone. The selection of free comics is also amazing too. I had no idea Runaways was so engaging. Currently I'm buying issues of Captain America and browsing everything from The Hulk to Thor. The prices on the digital copies are impressive too. They're actually cheaper than in most shops. That does mean you won't be buying the newest issues though. Any Marvel fan owes it to themselves to download this to their iPad's.

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