Thursday, March 27, 2014

Featured Illustration: Fritos

Like all creatives I have my highs and lows. This past week I have been in slump and I could feel my productivity take a hit. Thankfully with this latest piece of Pop Art I think I'm turning it around. My Mom's side of the family (based in Minnesota) is big on Fritos. You can create what's called a walking taco (opening the bag, crushing it up and adding taco ingredients) using Fritos or Doritos. All of my pop art is united by the theme of nostalgia and this painting is no different. Experimenting with the shine of the bag, and making it look like it was crumpled was both rewarding and challenging. It was just the exercise I needed to motivate me. Now I just have to take the momentum and run with it. Art created in Procreate.