Monday, November 18, 2013

Featured Illustration: Eminem

Hip Hop is a big part of my life and it appears in my work from time to time. After illustrating my self portraits I took a much needed break from portraiture. After hearing Eminem's "Marshall Mather's LP 2" it seemed time to get back into portrait work. I was in middle school when Em put out The Slim Shady LP. I remember seeing some of my friends with the cd jewel case. The cover was covered with an illustration of pills. My parents didn't let me listen to Eminem (for good reason) but when I got into High School I discovered his music on my own. The Eminem Show, and The 8 Mile Soundtrack were the first ones I got into. After that it was Encore, Relapse, and then Recovery.

Eminem is extremely brash, offensive and in your face but something still draws me to his music. His storytelling, intensity and amazing wordplay are unmatched. He's clearly one of the best to ever touch the mike. I think what I admire about him most is his work ethic. Fame hasn't dumbed him down either. Lyrically he's still a monster. I can appreciate that because I strive to work extremely hard at what I do. This painting was also a test for my iPad Air. My 3rd gen did not handle ArtRage very well. Thankfully the Air is just amazing. I will be using ArtRage a lot more in my work.