Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Featured Illustration: Remix

So a few months ago I bought Austin Kleon's book, Steal Like An Artist. It came in the mail, I opened it up and devoured it in one sitting. I love to read but I usually take my time. This book was life changing, insightful and spectacular.one thing that stood out to me was the idea of a person being a remix of their influences. I wanted to take that idea and play with it. So I sat on this idea of creating a visual representation of a Remix for at least four or five months. The execution had to be perfect. I always feel a little bit like a narcissist when I paint myself (which is why I don't do it often.) but this time it was different. This painting would be a thank you for my influencers. Friends, family and fellow creatives were the focus. Last night, between assignments I finally got started and then finished this ambitious portrait. I'm pretty sure I was working on it from 5pm all the way to 4am. I can't figure out what was harder: the actual painting or figuring out who inspires me most. I wanted to include everyone but I only had so much "Digital Canvas." Remix was created in Procreate using a Nomad Brush.