Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Influences of Little Robots Volume II: The Boondocks

The Boondocks was one of my main sources of inspiration in the latest collection of Little Robots strips. I admire that Aaron McGruder not only creates thought provoking satire but it's also relevant and hysterical. The strip and cartoon hold nothing back with it's irreverent humor. The Boondocks' take on the pitfalls of urban culture, race issues, rap music and politics is the perfect blend of entertainment and brain food. With Little Robots Volume II: The State of Americana I wanted to push the humor in a more explicit direction.

Themes like gay marriage, racism, and drug abuse found their way into my comic strips. It was time for Little Robots to mature while still maintaining that adorable visual element. What I enjoy about it most now is illustrating these cute characters that will say these ridiculous things. Look for the next post in this series tomorrow. Little Robots Volume II will be available April 27th on Lulu.com. Stay up to date on my projects with about.me.