Monday, November 12, 2012

Skyzoo Series: His Name Would Be Skyzoo

His Name Would Be Skyzoo

That Bed-Stuy BK guy

With that fly guy


NY he's reppin' it

Hard line of lyrics hat aren't white or black

As I react to the masterful composition

Of a baby from the 80's

Kickin' 80 verses of purpose,
Struggle and dreams observed,
Deffered, achieved and believed
Pristine painted pictures from lyrics
Equivalent to the hood version
Of Norman Rockwell
It Ain't Hard to Tell

If Langston Hughes wrote sixteens
Instead of poetry
His name would be Skyzoo
If Spike Lee wrote sixteens instead of scenes
His name would be Skyzoo

Hues of granite and brick form
A painter's palette in an urban jungle
The rumble, rumble of the train,
The faded lights of the corner store
Mix with the thundering baselines
From the cars that drive by
To define the underpainting

Painting from the under
No high gloss finish
To diminish the blemish
Of bad decisions, drugs
And gang bang
Guns go Bang! Bang!

It's the Shooter's Soundtrack
Young boys and girls get clapped
For disputes revolving around
Money, Power and Respect
These projects and LPs project
The projects a few doors down
Christopher "Frank White" Wallace

It's a Range Rover Rhythm
Raging rhythmically
Because these dreams
In the basement
We're meant to be achieved