Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Featured Illustration: Isis

I'm still in the process of rebranding Eye of The Sun God to make it crystal clear what I do. This rendition of Isis is a part of that. My brand is heavily influenced by Egyptian iconography. Since Isis is the mother of Ra (Horus) it made sense to me to start there. I haven't illustrated any realistic portraits in Sketchbook Pro since my Young Jeezy illustration. A challenge is always appealing to me as an artist. Procreate has spoiled me a bit with it's superb blending tool and it makes portraits a lot easier. The challenge was to just create an impressive portrait solely in Sketchbook. It started out very painterly and then I blended in the 11th hour. The blend was done with the airbrush tool at a low opacity setting. The gold helmet and beads in her hair were extremely time consuming. The randomize color setting simplified things but it was still at least a 20 hour painting. Procreate came into play but only for the cloudy background. Thankfully I resisted the temptation to blend her skin in the app.