Saturday, October 6, 2012

Breaking Bad Illustration: Bloody Nose

Please note that this post has some spoilers for Breaking Bad season one.

I had a tough time deciding if I wanted to illustrate this or when when Walt discovers he has cancer. I figured that the first two paintings (Pilot and Meth Money) are direct results of what he did because of the cancer so I could get away with not portraying that moment. After Tuco puts Jesse in the hospital Walt takes it upon himself to the meth back and their money that Tuco owes. I remember watching this episode and wondering how Walt was going to get out of the situation and not end up like Jesse. My favorite part in the show is when he takes fulminated mercury and creates an explosion stunning Tuco and his men. Of course he had so much of the mercury with him he could threaten to destroy everything around him and just waltz out of there. I think this scene really shows Walt's potential to be ruthless.