Thursday, September 27, 2012

Breaking Bad Illustration: Meth Money

This illustration of Walter White from Season One of Breaking Bad was extremely challenging to draw. The sketch alone took me five hours to rework multiple times. There are just some times where I don't see the person I'm illustrating in my drawing for hours. As strenuous as the drawing was the ink and color were not that bad. I have adjusted pretty quickly to using Procreate's airbrush tools. It really is the best way for capturing skin tones. Using the touch up brushes like rough skin and old skin really bring the figure to life. There were a lot of green hues in the reference photo because of the money Walt has so I also wanted that to show in his face. As I dive deeper into this series I think the characters will become easier to illustrate. I still have two more paintings I want to do of Walt from Season One of Breaking Bad. More to come.