Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to ArtRage: Riker Illustration

I haven't touched ArtRage since I finished my book, Through The Elm to The Big Apple. Most of my side projects have been done with Procreate, Brushes and Animation Creator HD. I got a commission recently (more on that once the client receives it.) which I finished last night. I wanted to continue playing around with the app since it had been some time since I really used it. I started mixing colors and I started created a figure. David Kassan showed me some of his techniques at Mobile Art Con 2011. Sometimes it's difficult for me to think like a painter and not a Cartoonist. His technique is about quickly laying down general areas of light and shadow. Basically painting a sketch instead of drawing one. It was a great review for me and liberating that I didn't need any reference. I came up with an old comic character from my fantasy comic (that I haven't published yet.) Savior: Fangs of The Reaper. It's interesting to look back at the old sketches I did of the character and comparing.