Friday, August 31, 2012

Through The Elm to The Big Apple Collector's Edition eBook

I'm happy to report that the eBook version of Through The Elm to The Big Apple is now available on the iBookstore for $2.99. It has all of the content found in the hardcover deluxe edition and much more. I've included additional chapters covering iPhoneography, the tools I use and my entire process. The most interesting feature of the iBook in my opinion are the Brushes videos. Brushes for iPad allows the artist to create playback of any piece done within the app. I included several of these videos to give an in depth look at how I created some of my paintings. Here is the press release:

New Haven, Connecticut –Announcing Illustrator, Raheem Nelson's second iPad Art Book, "Through The Elm To The Big Apple." This is an illustrated look at New Haven and New York City through his eyes. The entire book consists of digital paintings that look traditional. It will be available through iBooks on August 31st. A print version is also available now on Lulu.com.

Through The Elm To The Big Apple comes in at sixty four paintings large. The featured illustrations give an intimate look at the two cities. There are iconic locations like Pepe's Pizza, The Chrysler Building, Grand Central and Battell Chapel. This book is full of iPad paintings that take you on a visual journey. Raheem used to commute between New Haven and New York to attend classes at The School of Visual Arts.

Through The Elm To The Big Apple is a retrospective of life as a traveling art student. Each location was carefully picked and composed as a reference shot using an iPhone 4. From there they were transformed freehand into iPad paintings using Sketchbook Pro, ArtRage, Brushes, and Procreate. The difference in styles give the book energy and variety. He wouldn't have been able to achieve this if he stayed inside his comfort zone. Through The Elm to The Big Apple also features essays from Jorge Colombo and New Haven's coworking space, The Grove.

"My first impression is, beautiful sparse colors. I appreciate the simplicity of your palette, and the fact that you can be expressive with no transparencies at all."-Jorge Colombo (Artist)

To find out more information on the book please visit about.me/raheemnelson. Raheem is also available for interviews and television appearances.