Monday, August 27, 2012

Praise for Through The Elm to The Big Apple

Through The Elm to The Big Apple will be launching on the iBookstore on August 31st. I wanted to share the amazing feedback I've received on the book since it released earlier this month on Lulu.com.


"My first impression is beautiful, sparse colors."-Jorge Colombo (Artist)


"At the Grove we have had a front row seat to watch and celebrate the artistic growth of Raheem Nelson and his bold commitment to learning his craft."-Ken Janke (co-founder of the Grove)


"Through The Elm to The Big Apple celebrates the artist's vibrant, visual journey between these two cities, all produced on his iPad."-On9 New Haven


"Using four applications-Brushes, Sketchbook Pro, ArtRage and Procreate-Nelson made 64 paintings that look back on his commute from New Haven to New York."-New Haven Independent


"I've been a huge fan of amazing art created on iPads and iPhones for many years now and this book is an excellent example of great iPad artwork."-iPad Insight


"Congrats, it's stunning and the way you organized it was fun and unique. I also love that you thank your mom first. (being a mom myself) Anyway, carry on and keep the great work flowing."-Susan Murtaugh (Artist)


"I love the way Raheem treats the theme in his paintings. Strong line work and a confident use of color to give his artwork a powerful, beautiful look."-Luis Peso (Artist)


"I've been lucky enough to see Raheem's art evolve and progress firsthand and am proud my support and encouragement have been able to play even the smallest of roles in the emergence of a true artist working in the emerging field of iPad art."-Mason Rabinowitz (Grove Member)