Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Making of Through The Elm to The Big Apple Part III: iPad Painting and iPhoneography

My upcoming book Through the Elm to The Big Apple is an iPad Art Book. iPhoneography also played a big part in the making of this book. Most of the paintings used in Through the Elm start as reference photos. I took pictures with my iPhone 4 in New Haven and New York to paint later. This was not only safer (I'm not crazy enough to take my $700 iPad out just anywhere.) but I was able to gather more photos.


I started with the native Camera app but later switched to Camera+. For the first few months of shooting I used a 8x Telephoto Lens for shooting. Once I found out about the Gizmon iCA iPhone Lens system I switched to that. After I had some solid pictures I used the reference to freehand a painting.


Brushes, Sketchbook Pro, ArtRage and Procreate were the apps I used to make Through The Elm to The Big Apple. I love variety in my iPad Art. Using four apps was the best way for me to do that. For two years I went on photoshoots to gather reference and create paintings. Through The Elm to The Big Apple is a culmination of all of that work. Come back next week for part four, The Process.