Thursday, April 12, 2012

Featured Illustration: 666 Fifth Avenue

It seems like all I've had time for lately is Little Robots. As necessary as promotion is for that title I decided to take a break and post a painting from my upcoming book, Through The Elm to The Big Apple. The difference between my iPad 1 and my new one are astonishing. ArtRage is one of my favorite art apps but using it on a first gen can be an exercise in my patience. On the new iPad I rarely run out of memory. It's nice to be able to reduce the paranoia of saving constantly.



Wroderick Condaye said...

Couldn't agree more about Art Rage on a 1st generation iPad. Still using a 1st gen device myself and as much as I love Art Rage I have had to move on to other apps. I am rally thrilled to hear that it runs better on the new IPad. Gives me something to look forward to when I upgrade, hopefully by November.