Thursday, March 22, 2012

Afterthoughts: Little Robots Volume One

Yesterday I released my first graphic novel (Little Robots) on Lulu.com. It started out as a new outlet for me when I did the first one in September. It quickly became a visual journal. Some strips gave you insight into my week. Others gave you an idea what my opinions were. I think my friend Masieh said it best. Little Robots is like a timeline.


Most of my iPad Art is very labor intensive. Little Robots is the exact opposite of that. The designs are simple, bold and colorful. Every Sunday (sometimes other days too.) I would release a new Webcomic. I got amazing feedback on the work. It started as a slow burn but I think people (on Flickr especially) really caught on.


I'd show friends, family and coworkers and they would crack up. I start thinking to myself "If all these people find it funny why not expand the scope?" A few months ago I remembered Lulu.com. I would be able to publish a collection of these strips without going out of pocket.


The promotional aspect of it (and it's still not over.) has been the most difficult. I reached out to friends, family, and coworkers to help me spread the word. I'm happy to say it's working. The Grove has also been instrumental as well. They hosted me for the book release party last night.


I had a full house. Sales were made electronically through my old iPad and I gave my first official Sketchbook Pro demo on the new iPad. My theatrical trailer for the book was on display too. People reacted just the way I wanted them too. I got plenty of laughter and applause.


The show stealer was definitely the "Addo" (the blue robot) Custom Mighty Mugg I created. I think my guests were taken aback that I already started created merchandise to go hand in hand with the book. T-shirts are also for sale as well. I'll be promoting Little Robots Volume One for a few months and putting together more book parties. Look for the iBooks version soon.