Thursday, August 4, 2011

Abstract IPad Art at Broadway Suites

Last night I had a group art show at Broadway Suites in Manhattan. All in all it exceeded my expectations. There was even a live jazz band and champagne. I really felt like a New Yorker last night. I rarely get to attend high profile parties like that but hopefully that will change. For the most part I circulated the area where my work was hung. (after checking everyone else's beautiful work of course.) I took questions and explained what I had in mind for each piece. It was very interesting that no one realized that each piece was produced entirely on my iPad.

Everyone's eyes lit up when I mentioned that. For the most part people still see the iPad as a consumption device. That's true to a point. You can create content of course. Everyone I talked was really fascinated by art. It just felt amazing to be appreciated for my hard work. My Mom, her friend Ms. Nesdu and my best friend Yuzo came along too. Having that support system made it easier to just let go and network. As far as I know the work will be up until October. I'm still wrapping my head around all of this though. I can't believe all of the places my iPad art is taking me.