Friday, July 29, 2011

Featured Illustration: Windmill (Dante from Devil May Cry 3)

Capcom is having a fan art contest to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Devil May Cry. Being a big fan of the game I decided to participate. I created this in ArtRage and my goal was just to capture Dante's character. In 3 he was even more of a reckless wiseass because it was a prequel. With that in mind I started with something in your face. My illustration of him in Brushes was done in a cartooning style. I wanted this one to be more realistic in style. As tricky as he was the ice effects were even harder. I had no idea how many settings there were for the palette knife though. In the painting he's wielding Cerberus. (a nunchaku weapon.) I really wanted to have a dynamic spinning effect. I looked up rotors and eventually found what I was looking for. Winning isn't guaranteed with these contests but I feel very confident in this piece.