Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Featured Illustration: Janelle In Wondaland

Janelle Monàe is definitely one of my favorite artists. Her ArchAndroid album stays on repeat. I love that her music is so Multi faceted. Janelle isn't afraid of being weird or different. Qualities like that separate her from other singers. I don't even know what to label her music because it incorporates so many genres. She has a song called Wunderland that has inspired my latest painting. I wanted to illustrate her in a Disney style and pay homage to her creativity and Disney's Alice In Wonderland. All I can say is that drawing in the Disney style is a lot harder than I imagined.


Nic Parker said...

I stumbled upon this image in google and instantly recognized Janelle! I really like the concept and it totally works with her and wonderland! Great work!