Monday, June 20, 2011

Featured Illustration: Hard Times

I started reading The New Yorker last month and I really like it. It's one of the few things I read consistently on my iPad. I also took notice of the iPad and iPhone artists that they employ too. I figured I would submit to them. Unfortunately the conventional method didn't work. It makes sense. they receive a ton of unsolicited art everyday. My girlfriend Rose came up with a solution. Illustrating a response to one their articles was a much better way to go. I illustrated a piece based on their Talk Of The Town section. It was about the Joplin disaster and Barack Obama. I whipped it up in Brushes and sent it off to them thinking nothing of it. I try to be realistic about submissions so I'm not disappointed. To my surprise they got back to me about the piece. I have to say I'm extremely honored such a publication would get back to me personally. I just can't believe it.