Thursday, January 20, 2011

Skyzoo Series: Return Of The Real

"The ceiling might move when I lift up to pen my cursive/ They predicting it will so the hype is fitting it's purpose/ They was missing the real/ I write it and make it worth"-Skyzoo

Lately I've felt like doing portraits of my favorite artists in music. (Sade, Rhymefest) Skyzoo is my top MC bar none. It was only a matter of time before I painted him too. He's a rapper from Brooklyn and he's got style, and some of the deepest lyrics I've ever heard. His debut album The Salvation tells captivating hip hop stories of inner city struggles. I wanted to create a series based on some of his songs. I titled this after one of his tracks.

This painting gave me another chance to push my limits in ArtRage. I wanted to do a portrait that would be on par with my realistic work. I throughly enjoyed this piece. I must've finished it in two sittings. After posting a part of my comic I figured I'd give myself a window to tackle this.

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